If you live in Missouri and have received a speeding ticket, you know first-hand that trying to keep points off your driving record can get confusing.

Due to recent revisions by Missouri lawmakers, the procedure to remove driver license points for moving violations now requires court approval. If you receive a traffic ticket in Missouri, you must appear before a judge and request permission to take an approved Driver Improvement Program (DIP) course.

The good news is that the DriveSafe Online DIP course is now approved by the Missouri Division of Transportation Safety and available for qualified Missouri drivers.

New Missouri Moving Violation Regulation

The updated Missouri moving violation regulation has specific rules and requirements drivers must meet to be eligible to take the DIP course.

Be aware of the following restrictions:

  • You cannot take a DIP course before receiving court permission
  • You have 60 days from your court appearance to complete the online course
  • You may take a DIP course only once within a 36-month period
  • You must send the MO Form 4444 course completion documents directly to the Missouri Department of Revenue within 15 days of completing the course and get it verified by your court

We’re excited that Missouri transportation authorities recognize the DriveSafe Online defensive driving course as one of the few state-approved DIP courses. The approval adds to the growing list of states that have approved DriveSafe Online courses for quality driver safety training.

Course Features

The Missouri Driver Improvement Program course offers a variety of user-friendly features including:

  • 100% online and mobile friendly
  • Fully narrated video and animation
  • MO Form 4444 available immediately after course completion
  • Affordable pricing
  • Money-back guarantee

User Benefits

DriveSafe Online course benefits make your experience enjoyable and productive. With registration you get access to:

  • full-screen videos examining various real-life traffic situations
  • narrated animations demonstrating how to perform driving maneuvers
  • drone footage to give new perspectives on traffic safety
  • interactive knowledge checks to gauge student understanding
  • a comprehensive assessment to satisfy court and DMV requirements

No other online defensive driving course offers the same level of quality features and benefits for such an affordable price. See how DriveSafe Online is revolutionizing online driver safety training.