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  • Illinois Secrety of State – approved
  • Expertly designed for 18-20 year old adults
  • Self-paced learning
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  • 99% passing rate on first attempt
  • Certificate of Completion at no extra charge
  • Shortest course by law
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Designed to Equip Illinois Adults with Essential Driving Skills

Welcome to your one-stop solution for becoming a competent driver. Our driver’s ed course is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of Illinois adults aged 18, 19, or 20. It covers the breadth and depth of driving essentials, from traffic rules and regulations to safe driving practices. Each module is comprehensive yet easily digestible, ensuring you gain a robust understanding of the subject matter.

DriveSafe Online is Trusted by Hundreds of Thousands of Drivers – Your Journey to an Illinois Driver License Begins Here

Achieving an Illinois driver’s license isn’t an uphill battle when you choose us. We pride ourselves on being a fully accredited platform approved by the Illinois Secretary of State. The faith placed in our course by hundreds of thousands of drivers is a testament to our commitment to top-notch driver education. Real reviews from real people serve as an enduring proof of our dedicated service.

Your journey to an Illinois driver’s license is closer than you think. Our step-by-step process, designed for utmost convenience, begins with a straightforward registration. As you advance through the comprehensive modules, you’ll amass critical knowledge and skills needed to ace your tests. After successful completion, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion from the Illinois Secretary of State – the final key to unlock your driving aspirations.


The DriveSafe Online TDLR approved course can help you dismiss a ticket

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Your journey to becoming an expert Illinois driver starts with just one click. Don’t wait for the open road to call – hit the accelerator now. Start your Illinois Adult Driver Education Course today.

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Immerse Yourself in an Interactive Learning Experience – Discover DriveSafe Online’s Engaging Video-Based Course

Learning to drive is more than memorizing rules and signs. It’s about feeling the road, understanding the rhythm of traffic, and being prepared for real-world situations. That’s where our video-based online driver’s ed course shines. It takes the theoretical and breathes life into it, offering you a dynamic and interactive learning experience that’s a cut above the rest.

Our course swaps out the yawn-inducing textbooks for captivating video content. You’ll be virtually seated in the driver’s seat, experiencing various road situations, witnessing proper driving techniques, and understanding the rules of the road in an entirely immersive way.

Each module is designed with the learner in mind, ensuring content is easily digestible and the learning experience enjoyable. This approach not only keeps you engaged but also significantly enhances the retention of information. With our video-based course, you’re not just studying to pass – you’re learning to become a safe, confident, and responsible driver.


Complaints regarding the provider should be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Commercial Driver Training School Section, 1800 Hawthorne Lane, West Chicago, IL 60185; 630-520-9310

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