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Frequently Asked Questions about DriveSafe Online Fleet Courses

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Do DriveSafe Online defensive driving courses help with my company’s insurance costs?

Typically, yes. Many commercial insurance providers offer a benefit for showing documentation that your drivers have been through a driver safety course. Check with your insurance provider to find out how driver training can help for your organization.

Can I put the DriveSafe Online course in my LMS?

Sure. All DriveSafe Online fleet courses are available to run inside any Learning Management System (LMS). We provide a small SCORM, xAPI, or AICC package to make installing the course in your system simple and easy.

Do you have to complete the driver’s safety course in one sitting?

No. DriveSafe Online courses are designed to work around your schedule. Once you register, our system gives you 90 days to complete your course. You can start and stop when you like and even switch devices. Our course bookmarks your progress to save your place in the training. When you log back into the course, it continues where you left off.

Do DriveSafe Online courses save your progress if you exit them?

Yes, they sure do. You have the flexibility to start and stop your training whenever you like. You get up to 90 days to finish, so complete the training around your busy schedule. Your progress in the course is saved, allowing you to continue where you left off.

Do the pre-paid course registrations expire?

No. Our pre-paid course registrations never expire. If you buy courses for your drivers, your team can use them when they need them without any worries about an expiration date. With DriveSafe Online, you get the best driver safety training available when you need it.

What does the DriveSafe Online defensive driving course content cover?

Our courses cover all aspects of driver safety. The content is designed to teach your drivers how to avoid accidents. Our courses cover distracted driving, speed management, following distance, road conditions, impaired driving, lane management, intersections, weather, aggressive driving, backing strategies, traffic signs, and many other defensive driving concepts.

What is the difference in content between shorter and longer courses?

DriveSafe Online fleet driver safety courses range in length from 1 to 8 hours. All our courses include content about distracted driving, speed management, following distance, road conditions, impaired driving, lane management, intersections, weather, aggressive driving, backing strategies, and signs. When you choose a longer course length for your employees, they’ll get access to additional material on those topics plus content about passing, right-of-way, turns, railroad crossings, pedestrians, occupant restraints, urban and rural driving, collision traps, road conditions, and many other topics. The longer course length allows for more in-depth coverage of each topic.

Does DriveSafe Online offer discounts if I buy more courses?

We sure do. We offer course discounts starting at 10 courses with additional savings as you buy more. If you have a fleet of 50 or more, call 1-888-403-1452 for information about additional course discounts.

Do the courses cover distracted driving?

Yes, they do. All DriveSafe Online fleet driver training includes distracted driving content. Our courses discuss many kinds of distractions, not just texting while driving.

Do the courses cover drowsy driving?

Sure, drowsy driving content is covered in our DriveSafe Online courses. Accidents caused by driver fatigue cost employers billions of dollars each year in higher insurance rates, medical and legal expenses, and lost employee production. We take drowsy driving seriously.

Do you get more than one attempt at the final exam?

Yes, all DriveSafe Online fleet courses allow for unlimited final exam attempts at no additional charge. If a driver takes the final exam and doesn’t pass, they can review the course material and attempt the final exam again when they are ready. They have 90 days to take the course and pass the final exam after registering for the course.

Can I customize the DriveSafe Online Fleet Driver Training course?

Yes. All DriveSafe Online courses can be customized for your organization. If you have a larger fleet, your own learning management system, or just want a course customized for your organization, call 1-888-403-1452 for more information and pricing.

Can I add my logo to the course?

Yes. As part of the DriveSafe Online customization options, you can add your logo to the course as well as an introduction video customized for your organization. If you would like more information about customization options, please call fleet sales at 1-888-403-1452.

Does the course have timers?

None of our fleet driver safety training courses have timers. However, timers can be added as part of our customization options. If you would like more information about this, please call our toll-free fleet sales at 1-888-403-1452.

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