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No risk. We promise your money back if you use our course for an auto insurance discount and are unable to save with our course certificate.

Our Kansas Motor Vehicle Accident Avoidance Course Features:

  • Fully narrated video with closed captioning
  • Exclusive in-car and drone video for real-life perspectives
  • Practice quizzes throughout the course
  • Easy final assessment
  • Completion certificate available immediately after completion
  • Smart bookmarking to start/stop as often as you like
  • Only $24.95 with NO hidden fees

Complete Our Kansas Defensive Driving Course in Shortest Time Allowed

Our 4-hour course is the shortest online driver improvement program available. The course covers important information to keep you safe on the city streets, multi-lane highways, and gravel back roads of the great Sunflower State.

You are in the driver’s seat when you choose one of our Kansas driving courses. No course timers to slow you down means you control the pace. Race through the course in one sitting or start and stop as often as you like. The course tracks your progress, so you won’t miss any essential information.

Plus, mobile-friendly design makes all our driver education courses available on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Enjoy the Most Engaging Online Safe Driving Class in Kansas

The DriveSafe Online Kansas accident prevention course is divided into short chapters based on the Kansas Driver’s Manual. Learn exactly what the Kansas DMV requires.

Video Content

Our courses include high-quality video that fills your entire screen. It’s like watching a television show.

Each topic is made up of several short videos. Automatically move from one video to the next to learn about laws, safety procedures, and best practices to follow while driving. Think of it as a video playlist for defensive driving education.

The unique in-car and drone videos are unlike other training course movies. See different driving situations and road hazards from multiple perspectives. Understand how proper driving techniques will help you recognize and avoid road dangers.

Interesting Animations

DriveSafe Online courses feature animated graphics to emphasize vital information. Watch and learn how to perform driving procedures to help keep you, your passengers, and others on the road with you safe.

Certificate of Completion

Topic-level review quiz questions help reinforce your understanding of specific rules and regulations. When you complete all course content you are prepared to pass the final test.

DriveSafe Online can save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance


DriveSafe Online’s Kansas Defensive Driving Courses can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance. The savings last for three years once you complete the course.

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Accept Our No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Our Kansas driving school will make you a safer driver and save you money. We guarantee it!

If you complete a DriveSafe Online Kansas Defensive Driving course for insurance savings and are unable to redeem your completion certificate for an insurance discount, we will refund your money.

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Our satisfied customers share positive feedback with us every day. Read some of the top-star customer reviews to see for yourself the impact our courses are making throughout the nation.

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  • Shortest safe driver course allowed in Kansas
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  • Customer support available to answer any questions
From Wichita to Kansas City to Dodge City…we have Kansas covered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kansas Insurance Discount

Kansas state authorities require insurance companies to provide a premium reduction to eligible drivers. Simply pass our accident prevention course and you could qualify for lower insurance rates.

While 2% to 5% for 3 years is a common discount in Kansas, some insurance companies may offer larger deductions. Check with your insurance representative to learn more about how much money you can save.

How do I get a driving course discount in Kansas?

1. Contact your insurance agent

When you are a safe driver, you can typically avoid filing insurance claims. And when you file fewer claims, you help save your insurance company money.

That’s why insurance agents encourage drivers to complete defensive driving classes.

Contact your agent when you’re ready to earn your insurance reduction. Find out how much money you are eligible to save.

2. Pass the DriveSafe Online Kansas Defensive Driving Course

Go from registration to course completion in about four hours. That’s a quick way to get savings that last 3 years.

Our one-time affordable price provides complete access to the full list of course features including narrated video, interactive scenarios, practice quizzes, a final test and the course completion certificate.

3. Receive your completion certificate

Once you complete our safe driver course check your email inbox. Your completion certificate will be emailed and waiting for you.

You also have the option to email your certificate directly to your insurance agent. They can start working on your insurance discount immediately.

How much money can DriveSafe Online help me save on my auto insurance?

Your DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course completion certificate can save you more than $200 over three years with a 5% discount.  Many insurance companies offer greater discounts so you could save even more money.

Check with your insurance agent to discuss all your savings opportunities.



Kansas Ticket Dismissal and Diversion Programs

Some courts in Kansas offer a diversion option for eligible drivers interested in dismissing a traffic ticket. The program is limited to only certain traffic violations and is approved on a court by court basis.

You must check with your court to find out if you qualify for diversion prior to taking the course.

If you are approved to participate in the traffic diversion program, check with authorities to make sure the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course satisfies their court requirements.

Kansas Department of Vehicles

The Kansas Department of Revenue oversees various government agencies, including the Department of Vehicles (DOV). Vehicle registration and driver’s license control are common services offered by the DOV.

Find the Nearest Kansas Driver’s License Office

DOV offices are located in 104 counties across Kansas. Hours of operation and services provided may differ from location to location. Be sure to review office information before you visit any driver’s license office.

Search the State of Kansas DOV website to find a driver license exam station close to you.

Documents to Take

There are specific documents you must show when getting or renewing your driver license in Kansas. You must be able to prove who you are and where you live.

The following documents may be used to show your date of birth, identify, and status as a U.S. citizen:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Social Security card
  • Certificate of Citizenship

These documents may be used to prove that you are a resident of Kansas:

  • Kansas ID renewal card
  • Current utility bill
  • Rent or lease agreement

Review the complete list of acceptable documents to take with you to the Kansas driver’s license office. Be prepared before you leave to make your visit to the DMV short and successful

Kansas Driver’s License

The Kansas DOV issues driver’s licenses to any Kansas resident who meets state requirements. Qualified drivers must pass a driving test, a written exam, and a vision test.

Kansas Learner’s Permit

Teen drivers between the ages of 14-17 must go through a graduated driver’s license process. They are allowed increased driving privileges as they age and gain experience behind the wheel. Learn more about the requirements for obtaining a learner’s permit.

Kansas License Renewal

Months before your current Kansas driver’s license expires, you should receive a renewal postcard in the mail. Take this card with you to the DMV. If you do not have your renewal notice, you must show other documents to prove your identity and state residence.

You are required to pass a vision test, pay the appropriate fee, and have a new picture taken to renew your license. Keep in mind that you must appear in-person at a Kansas driver’s license office that provides license renewals.

Kansas REAL ID

The REAL ID Act was passed by federal lawmakers to establish a minimum security standard for driver’s licenses. The REAL ID is almost identical to your current driver’s license, except for a gold star in the corner.

The gold star indicates that you presented the appropriate information to the DOV to verify your identity. Typically, you will be required to show:

  • A U.S. Passport or original birth certificate
  • Social Security card, and
  • 2 pieces of mail to verify your Kansas address (for example, utility bills or bank statements)

The REAL ID card takes the place of your driver’s license.

Not everyone is required to get a REAL ID. Those who plan to fly domestically or enter a federal building must obtain a REAL ID or show another acceptable form of ID, such as a current passport.

Learn more about the process for receiving your Kansas REAL ID.

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25 Years of Training Experience

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning team trusted by top companies around the world to train millions of people. 

Some of our clients and partners include Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating online courses since 1994. In fact, we helped develop many innovative standards you see in online courses today. 

Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

Our work has earned multiple awards for:

  •   Best content
  •   Best advance in technology
  •   Best innovation

Now our team is focused on revolutionizing online driver education.

DriveSafe Online courses merge unique graphics and animations, interactive scenarios with narrated stories and video demonstrations—including in-car and drone footage—to deliver safe driving information like no other online defensive driving course available today.

Our mission is to develop a better way to help you:

  •   Save money on your auto insurance
  •   Meet court-ordered driver improvement plans
  •   Dismiss traffic tickets or reduce points
  •   Reinforce your driver road knowledge
  •   Become a safer driver

The way we see it, we all share the same streets and highways. If we each take the time to do our part to understand driving laws and regulations, improve our driving performance, and be courteous to other drivers, the roads will be safer for everyone to enjoy. 

Drive smart. Drive confident. And always, DriveSafe.

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