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4-Hour Level 1

Select this course to meet a 4-hour court requirement.

6-Hour Level 2

Select this course to meet a 6-hour court requirement.

8-Hour Level 3

Select this course to meet an 8-hour court requirement.

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We offer defensive driving courses for insurance discounts in Alabama.

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Our simple pricing means you get access to the full video course, final exam, and completion certificate for one low price.


Certificate of Completion

Rapid results. Receive your certificate via email immediately after you pass the final exam.

Satisfies Court Requirements

Pre-trial diversion opportunity to avoid points and maintain a clean driving record with court approval.

Full-Screen Video

Forget text-based programs. Our modern video-based course takes full advantage of the latest technology.

Enjoy Key DriveSafe Online Traffic School Advantages:

  • 100% online access for anytime, anywhere use
  • Fully narrated video content with closed captioning included
  • Mobile-friendly course that looks great on computer, tablet, and phone
  • Intelligent bookmarking to stop and start around your schedule
  • Certificate emailed immediately upon completion at no additional charge
  • Only $24.95 without any hidden fees

Resolve Your Traffic Citation

If you get a traffic ticket in Alabama, the Driver’s License Division of the Alabama Department of Public Safety will add points to your driving record. However, you may be able to avoid citation points by completing an online defensive driving course.

Online traffic school course acceptance in Alabama is on a county-by-county and even a court-by-court basis. Check with the court where you received the ticket to verify that a DriveSafe Online traffic school course satisfies your court requirements.

Complete the Alabama Online Driving Course in Shortest Time Allowed

Alabama courts follow strict requirements regarding online traffic school participation. Depending on the traffic violation, you may be required to take a 4-hour, 6-hour, or even an 8-hour course. No matter which DriveSafe Online program you select, rest assured that you will review only the material necessary to meet the curriculum requirement. No more and no less.

The good news is that we designed our courses to keep you engaged so your journey through the information is enjoyable. Scheduled rest stops are built into the program to provide timely breaks without slowing your progress.

And since our courses are mobile-friendly, you can stay engaged whenever, wherever you are. Have time while the kids are at soccer practice? Watch on your phone.

Have time on your lunch break? Continue viewing on your tablet. 

Have time late at night? Complete the course on your laptop.

The courses are flexible so you can manage your time and complete the program on your schedule in more than one sitting.

Dismiss a Ticket

DriveSafe Online’s Alabama traffic school gives you the opportunity to resolve a traffic ticket from the comfort of your home. Avoiding points on your license can save you hundreds on your auto insurance.

Can you afford to wait?

The best Alabama Defensive Driving Course
DriveSafe Online is mobile friendly

Enjoy the Most Engaging Online Defensive Driving Course in Alabama

Like watching television? You’ll love watching our course. DriveSafe Online courses feature bite-sized high-quality videos that bring boring driving rules and regulations to real-world life.

See drone and in-car videos that provide different perspectives to help you better understand how to perform driving techniques.

Interactive scenarios challenge your critical thinking and let you actively participate in the learning process. When you are engaged, you’ll have an easier time remembering the safety tips and procedures when you need them most—when you’re behind the wheel.

In-chapter practice quizzes reinforce important information and help prepare you to pass the final exam.

Take Advantage of These Alabama Online Traffic School Benefits:

  • Point prevention with court approval
  • Easy final exam with 99% passing rate on first attempt
  • Unlimited exam attempts included
  • Completely online for convenience and safety

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DriveSafe Online is different. Our primary focus is to make sure you are satisfied. Whether you voluntarily take one of our courses for an insurance discount, or you’re ordered by the court to resolve a traffic issue through a pre-trial diversion, our support team is dedicated to making your online experience the best it can be.

That’s why we were named “Best Overall Online Defensive Driving Course” for 2021. You can also check out reviews from some of our existing customers. We want to be your online traffic school.

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