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Follow these steps to select the DriveSafe Online course you need to complete:

  • Select the “Start Now” button for the course you need
  • Complete the registration process
  • Take the course
  • If you need to exit the course you can resume at any time by going to and selecting “RETURNING USER LOGIN”
  • Pass the exam with at least a 70% score

Why take the Fleet Driver and Safety Course?

Driving is typically the most dangerous activity you will do every day. Commuting to and from work and driving for business means you can be on the road a great deal. The more you drive, the higher the risk you face being in an accident.

With more than 280 million vehicles in operation in the US, vehicle accidents occur approximately every 5 seconds. More than three million people are injured in crashes each year.

The good news is that many of these accidents can be prevented. The number of roadway deaths and injuries is trending downward thanks to safety programs like DriveSafe Online.

The best way to avoid accidents is to know how to avoid road hazards and dangerous driving situations. When you complete this driver accident prevention course, you will have the knowledge and training to be a safer driver.

What can I expect when taking the Fleet Driver and Safety Course?

DriveSafe Online has been creating online courses for more than 25 years. We know how to create engaging educational programs that are interesting and fun to take.

When you take a DriveSafe Online course, you can expect to see:


  • Full-screen videos highlighting real-life traffic situations
  • Narrated animations demonstrating important driving procedures and techniques
  • Unique in-car and drone video with new perspectives on traffic safety
  • Interactive scenario activities that examine safe driving situations
  • Intelligent memory to let you start/stop as often as you like without losing your place


  • Mobile-friendly design for anytime, anywhere, any device learning
  • 99% passing rate on first attempt
  • Completion certificate emailed to you and your employer immediately after successful course completion
  • May allow you to lower your personal auto insurance premium

That’s right! You may be able to save money on your individual vehicle insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for qualified drivers who complete a driver improvement program.

Share your DriveSafe Online completion certificate with your insurance agent to find out if you are eligible for a lower insurance premium.