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Many Course Options

We have many different courses available to meet your needs.  1, 2, 4, 6, and 8-hour courses and a Spanish 1-hour course are all available for the same low price.


Certificate of Completion

When your employees complete the course, certificates are immediately emailed to a training adminstrator of your choice.

Mobile Friendly

DriveSafe Online courses are 100%  online. At home, during a work break, or anywhere else that your employees travel, take our driver improvement course on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Volume Discounts

If you have a large fleet of drivers you may qualify for additional savings beyond our published pricing.  The bigger the fleet, the bigger the discount.

The best training for fleets of any size.

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DriveSafe Online® is the best choice for your fleet driver safety training. Our courses are 100% online and mobile friendly.

Certify your organization’s drivers in as little as one hour!

Spanish 1-Hour Course Now Available!

Drivesafe Online courses work on mobile, tablet, and desktop

Forget text-based training.
We offer high-quality, video-based courses.

A Better Route to Safety

One traffic accident is all it takes to disrupt lives, stall deliveries, and slow business. Then there’s the hit on your insurance. Avoid accidents and protect your drivers and business with online driver safety training.

Get your drivers safety certified with DriveSafe Online. In as little as an hour your employees can complete the video training around their schedule on their phone, laptop or computer. They’ll learn how to more safely and efficiently navigate traffic while avoiding accidents and tickets.

You’ll sleep better and save money.

Fleet vehicle accidents can be costly. Driver safety training to avoid them is not. At DriveSafe Online, courses are only $18.95 per driver with additional discounts for bigger fleets. And it only takes as little as an hour. Driver safety should be a priority for every fleet manager. By investing in defensive driving training, your drivers learn how to anticipate, identify, and avoid road hazards to steer clear of preventable accidents. At our competitive rates, cost is no longer an obstacle.

A Life and Time Saver

We know your time is valuable. Our safety courses are designed to be quick but comprehensive. They’re also entertaining and easy to view at any time, anywhere.

  • Short, one-hour course makes training easy
  • 100% online access promotes flexible scheduling
  • Simple navigation supports mobile-friendly design

DriveSafe Online is the solution for your fleet that Saves Money, Saves Lives.

All DriveSafe Online Fleet Courses are available for the same low price:


1-Hour Course

English and Spanish versions available for safer drivers in only an hour.

2-Hour Course

Longer courses are perfect for new hires to reinforce defensive driving skills.

4-Hour Course

All courses include bookmarking to save progress if you need to log out.

6-Hour Course

Break up the training around your schedule. You have 90 days to complete it.

8-Hour Course

Engaging interactive exercises reinforce critical defensive driving skills.

Defensive Driving Course Comparison

DriveSafe Online is the best choice for your drivers

compare and see for yourself:

A Leading National Competitor

DriveSafe Online

A Leading National Competitor

Courses from 1-8 Hours

Courses Bookmark Progress

Course Customization Available

All Courses Mobile Friendly

All Courses Under $20*

Purchased Registrations Never Expire

Best Price Guarantee

Excellent Customer Service

Full-screen Video Content

Import Courses into Your LMS**

Membership Not Required for Discounts

*Minimum of 10 courses required for $18.95 pricing, bigger discounts available.

**LMS course import may require contractual agreement

Why is DriveSafe Online the best choice for my company?

The best fleet driving safety course for your delivery service

We understand how training can impact multiple departments within your organization, which is why all DriveSafe Online fleet defensive driving and driver safety training courses include:

  • Engaging video-focused content that EMPLOYEES today demand
  • Accident prevention strategies that RISK MANAGEMENT requires
  • Performance improvement guidelines that HUMAN RESOURCES support
  • Affordable pricing that meets ACCOUNTING approval

Online course delivery from our website to your LMS.

Let our LMS do the heavy lifting.

Our innovative Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to seamlessly deliver training courses to a team of 1 or 1,001. Whether you experience rapid driver turnover or have a dedicated workforce that needs annual refresher training, our LMS is ready for your drivers right now!


Easy as 1-2-3

1) Pre-purchase courses for your drivers.

Simply choose the DriveSafe Online course that fits your training needs. We will then assign your company a unique registration code, which never expires. Tell your drivers to enter your company code during registration to change the course price to $0.00.

2) Complete the course.

Once your drivers enter their identification information, they can access the driver safety course anytime they want. Since it’s 100% online, they can complete the course on their schedule. Finish in one sitting or spread the training over several days. Our LMS keeps track of their progress so they can stop and start as often as they want without losing their place in the course.

3) Receive a Completion Certificate.

After each driver reviews the course content and passes the final test, they will receive a customized certificate of completion to confirm their achievement. A digital copy of the certificate is emailed directly to the employee’s inbox. Another copy can also be sent to a company training manager or human resources department to be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

The DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course is Mobile Friendly
The DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course is Mobile Friendly

Use your own LMS.

Let us know if you prefer to upload the course to your own Learning Management System. We will send you a SCORM content package that can be placed on your own company intranet for your drivers to view. We can even add your company’s logo to customize the training for your employees.


Customize DriveSafe Online to meet your organization’s needs.

Customize DriveSafe Online defensive driver courses to meet your company training goals. We can add your logo or include a custom company message exclusively for your fleet drivers.

Need more customization? No problem. Work one-on-one with a DriveSafe Online team member to tailor the safe driving program content to suit your driver learning needs.

Contact DriveSafe Online to discuss available options. 

Call us at:

Return on Investment (ROI)

Which would you rather pay: $18.95 or $74,000?

Fleet vehicle accidents can be costly. Consider the impact one fleet driver-related crash can have on your company:

  • decreased employee productivity
  • lost revenue from missed deliveries or sales calls
  • vehicle repair bills
  • medical bills
  • liability claims
  • increased auto insurance premiums

The more drivers you employ, the greater the risk that one of them will be involved in an accident.

That’s why driver safety should be a priority for every fleet manager. By investing in defensive driving training, your drivers learn how to anticipate, identify, and avoid road hazards to steer clear of preventable accidents.

The most effective strategy to prevent losing $74,000 (or more) is to prevent fleet driver-related accidents. When you can save money and save lives for just $18.95 or less per driver, quality safe driver training provides the smartest Return on Investment.


Additional Online Defensive Driving Modules

DriveSafe Online offers the latest strategies for improving engagement and learning to create training results that are memorable and last longer.

One of the most effective teaching approaches we use is called Drip Learning, or Micro Learning. Important safe-driving tips and techniques are packaged into short, easy to digest Micro Learning Objects (MLO) that you can drip-feed to your fleet drivers at scheduled times. Each short course focuses on teaching a single defensive driving topic.

With runtimes as short as five minutes, drip training can easily be worked into your fleet drivers’ daily routines.

Titles include:

  • Aggressive Driving
  • Backing Strategies
  • Avoiding Fixed Objects
  • Impaired Driving
  • Intersections
  • Lane Management
  • Speed Management
  • Weather

Learn More About Fleet Defensive Driving

Frequently asked questions

Corporate drivers provide many different types of transportation services for their employers. Products, equipment, and even people are examples of what may be transported while on the job.

The demand for home deliveries is skyrocketing. Many companies are now hiring more drivers for last mile deliveries (the final leg of delivery from store to consumer) to deliver groceries, medications, and other goods.

Common corporate driver requirements include:

  • High school diploma (or GED)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Defensive driving course or driver safety training certificate of completion
  • Clean driving record
  • Understanding of road safety concepts
  • Familiarity with GPS systems
  • A positive attitude

Fleet safety certified indicates that a fleet driver has taken additional defensive driving or fleet safety training. This additional training helps prevent accidents and also protects against liability and related costs.


Training is important to protect both drivers and companies. Online defensive driving courses are specifically created to teach skills necessary to stay safe while on the job operating a motor vehicle. Improved fuel efficiency, increased awareness of driving distractions, and how to calculate following distance are just a few examples of the benefits of fleet driver training courses.

Safer drivers can reduce the potential for accidents, which can save employers money.

Fleet drivers typically drive a car, truck, van, or other company motor vehicle to transport people or goods as part of a work requirement. Fleet drivers may be public facing, such as a rideshare driver, or behind the scenes transporting goods for a company as part of last mile deliveries. Corporate drivers are typically required to have additional defensive driving training as part of their work requirement along with a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

Typical responsibilities of a fleet safety manager include the implementation of a fleet safety training program, policies and procedures, monitoring driver performance, and providing ongoing safety education and training. The fleet safety manager frequently checks driving behaviors for compliance of the established fleet safety program and maintains company vehicles to ensure safe operation.

25 Years of Training Experience

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning experts who have trained hundreds of thousands of employees at Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating corporate training courses since 1994. Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

Which DriveSafe Online course is best for my fleet drivers?

DriveSafe Online offers several fleet driver training courses–from the basic 1-hour express program (our most popular course) to the expanded 8-hour program for higher risk drivers who require additional instruction. The material in each course builds to cover more laws and regulations, more information about impaired, fatigued, and distracted driving, and more defensive driving techniques for avoiding road hazards.


  • Quick and easy to complete
  • Receive your certificate in as little as an hour so your learners spend less time training
  • An inexpensive and convenient way to refresh and improve driving education
  • A way to reinforce defensive driving skills in a risk-free environment
  • An easy way to improve your fleet safety and reduce the risk of driver accidents

Our 1-hour course content includes:

Chapter 1. Traffic Safety

  • Fatalities
  • Injuries and Property Damage

Chapter 2. Traffic Laws and Procedures

  • Passing
  • Right-of-way
  • Turns
  • Stops
  • Speed Limits
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Signs, Signals, and Markings
  • Intersections
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Occupant Restraints

Chapter 3. Driving Environments

  • Inclement Weather
  • Driver Responses
  • Specific Conditions
  • Dawn/Dusk/Nighttime

Chapter 4. Factors Influencing Driver Performance

  • Aggressive Driving
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Alcohol Impairment
  • Legal Aspects—DWI/DUI
  • Other Intoxicants
  • Distracted Driving

Chapter 5. Defensive Driving

  • Trip Planning
  • Defensive Strategies


DriveSafe Online® Fleet Driver Defensive Driving Course Benefits

DriveSafe Online is designed to give your fleet drivers a better understanding of road dangers and key defensive driving techniques to help them minimize the risks of being involved in an accident. All DriveSafe courses encourage behavioral change by teaching your drivers how to anticipate, identify, and avoid driving hazards.

Reduces Risk for Accidents

DriveSafe Online incorporates full-screen narrated video with interactive scenarios and assessment questions to keep employees interested. When team members are engaged in their training, they are more likely to remember the safety strategies and techniques when it matters most…on the road. Better training encourages safer drivers, which means reduced risk for preventable accidents.

Promotes Savings on Insurance Premiums

Fleet drivers are on the road up to three times more often than regular commuting employees. Their decision-making and driving behaviors can directly impact the cost of your company’s fleet insurance rates.

The DriveSafe Online fleet defensive driving and driver safety programs can help you manage expenses by teaching driver improvement strategies and procedures to help employees stay safe on the road. Certified fleet drivers lower your insurance risk. Companies that implement a defensive driver safety program often see an immediate return on their investment including:

  • Fewer accidents and personal injuries
  • Lower commercial insurance premiums
  • Reduced lost production hours
  • Less property damage

Training your fleet drivers to be safer on the road can put money in your business bank account.

Many insurance providers offer discounts for drivers who pass a defensive driving course. By adding DriveSafe Online to your driver safety training, your company may qualify for big savings with lower commercial insurance rates. Plus, your drivers may save money on their personal auto insurance premiums as well!

It really does pay to drive safe.

Certification Satisfies Compliance Requirements

As an essential component of your company safety program, DriveSafe Online delivers the information your drivers require to successfully handle key driving situations including:

  • Assessing road risks
  • Avoiding collisions
  • Preventing distractions
  • Addressing fatigue
  • Applying safety strategies in dangerous situations
  • Avoiding rear-end collisions


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