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DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving courses blend tried and true learning methods with the latest technology to deliver learning that changes driver behavior.

Course Design

Created by award-winning online learning developers, DriveSafe Online courses help drivers improve their road knowledge, understand and recognize road hazards, and recall and apply safe driving techniques when it matters most…behind the wheel.

The course menu lists content chapters and topics. Locked and completed icons make it easy to track progress through the course. Users may also use the menu to quickly return to completed material for review as often as they like.

Full-Screen Videos

Engagement is a critical element for successful training. Our full screen, high-quality videos provide a visually appealing and interesting learning experience to hold drivers’ attention. And because the videos fill the entire screen, they look great on large desktop monitors, handheld tablets, and even mobile phones.

Drone and in-car videos offer multiple perspectives for a more complete review of driving situations. Research reveals that training material is more effective and easier to remember when it is presented in a setting similar to the real-world environment.

Interactive Exercises / Knowledge Checks

Effective training isn’t passive. Our courses feature interactive scenarios to challenge users and strengthen their decision-making skills.

We also take advantage of repetition learning by inserting knowledge check questions and end of chapter quizzes to prepare learners for the final exam. More than 99% of DriveSafe Online users pass the course on their first attempt.

These are just some of the features you will see in our FREE course demo. Enjoy the ride.

What you’ll see in our demo:

  • 100% online course access with mobile-friendly design
  • Easy to use course navigation
  • Structured course menu to guide the learning sequence
  • Expanded full-screen video size for easy viewing
  • Closed-captioning and animated graphics to support the content
  • Interactive features to encourage engagement
  • Knowledge checks and quizzes to support content awareness and understanding
Tennessee Court Approved to dismiss a ticket and you may be entitled to an insurance premium rate reduction.

No Hidden Fees

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No Course Timers

Forget the digital speed bumps. You control your own pace through the course (unless timers are required in your area).


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No risk. We promise your money back if you're unable to save on your insurance with our course certificate.

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“I like that there’s no hidden fees and a money back guarantee.”

“I like that there’s no hidden fees and a money back guarantee.”

Did You Know...

There are 3 main types of distraction. Taking your eyes off the road is one. Can you name the other two types of distractions? Be knowledgeable. Be prepared. Are you ready to be a smarter driver?