“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.” – George Carlin

 No matter how talented you are behind the wheel of your vehicle, you can’t control what happens around you. Aggressive drivers. Extreme weather. Roadway obstacles. Mechanical malfunctions. Each of these hazards can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers if you’re not prepared to respond to them or know how to avoid them altogether.

Taking a defensive driving course teaches you safe driving techniques for controlling your vehicle in emergency situations, as well as procedures for handling fatigue, emotional stress, and road rage.

Of course, there are many more reasons for learning safe driving habits. Here are the top 5 benefits for taking a defensive driving course:


Save Money on your car insurance by taking an online defensive driving course

Many states support safe driver incentives that could reduce your insurance premium by as much as 10% for completing a defensive driving course.

Many states support safe driver incentives that could reduce your insurance premium by as much as 10% for completing a defensive driving course. This can be a considerable savings for many drivers, especially parents with teen drivers included on their insurance policy. Be sure to check with your insurance agent about regulations in your area. Some states allow 1-hour courses, while others require drivers to complete longer courses to qualify for savings. DriveSafe Online® offers multiple courses to meet your various needs. No matter the duration, completing a defensive driving course is well worth your time and effort because you could save hundreds of dollars on insurance.


If you have driving violations, completing a defensive driving course could remove points or dismiss a ticket from your driving record. Too many points or tickets on your record could cost you money in fines, as well as potential lost wages if your license is suspended. And if you are unable to drive, you’ll need to allocate money for cabs, buses, and any other transportation needs. Completing a defensive driving course is a fast and effective way to keep your driving record clean. Check with your insurance agent, state DMV, or court clerk where you received the ticket to learn if DriveSafe Online® course satisfies your court requirements.


Whether you drive a few blocks to the grocery store or hundreds of miles for a vacation get-away, road hazards are always present. The best way to stay safe is to put yourself in position to avoid potential threats. Defensive driving courses teach drivers safe techniques to proactively anticipate and effectively react to a variety of hazards including careless actions by other drivers, poor visibility and road conditions due to dangerous weather conditions, and dangers triggered by various physical and emotional states.


Did you know that more than 40% of crashes occur at intersections? Or that passing another vehicle within 100 feet of a bridge, railroad crossing, or tunnel dramatically increases your chances of being involved in an accident? Unless you are a new driver, it’s probably been years since you reviewed driving laws and regulations. DriveSafe Online® provides a great opportunity for you to refresh and enhance your driving I.Q. and renew your road safety confidence.


It doesn’t matter what type of driver you are, experienced or beginner, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to driving knowledge and techniques. Think how safe the roads would be if every driver completed DriveSafe Online® and followed the safety techniques they learned. Remember, you can’t control what happens around you, but you can prepare yourself to safely overcome hazardous situations you encounter while driving.

Become a Safer Driver with DriveSafe Online®

Become a Safer Driver with DriveSafe Online®

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