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Upfront pricing is our promise to you. And everything’s included – our Michigan course, completion certificate, live customer support, and the potential for insurance discounts!

Our Michigan Online Defensive Driving Courses Feature:

  • Content covered in the Michigan Driver’s Manual
  • Shortest Michigan defensive driving course available
  • Full narration with closed captioning
  • Practice quizzes to help you prepare for the final exam
  • No course timers
  • Course completion certificate included and available immediately
  • Start and stop around your schedule with course bookmarking
  • Only $24.95 with no hidden fees

Enjoy our Money-Back Guarantee

Not only will our driver improvement course refresh your road knowledge, you’ll also enjoy a money-back guarantee. If you complete our course for an insurance discount and are unable to receive a defensive driving discount, you’ll get a full refund of your course fee.

You can be confident that we stand behind our work.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our many satisfied customers had to say about our driving school.

We want to earn your business. We want you to be one of our satisfied customers, and we want you to tell other Michigan drivers about us. That’s why we’ve designed an engaging online defensive driving course for you. We’re bringing the best Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) right to you.

We Help you Navigate Michigan Traffic

Whether you’re crossing the Mackinac bridge or navigating the city streets of Detroit, Michigan drivers can benefit from our course. DriveSafe Online courses hone your skills behind the wheel and prepare you to make good decisions while on the road.

Our courses bring the instruction to life. It’s like watching a movie – but you’ll be learning, too! We share tips and techniques that you can apply when you’re driving through Michigan traffic – or anywhere in the world.

DriveSafe Online can save you hundreds of dollars on your Mississippi car insurance


DriveSafe Online’s Michigan Defensive Driving Courses can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance. The savings last for three years once you complete the course.

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Arizona Course Example: Distracted Driving
DriveSafe Online is mobile friendly

Video Content

Our courses include high-quality video that fills your entire screen. It’s like watching a television show.

Each topic is made up of several short videos. Automatically move from one video to the next to learn about laws, safety procedures, and best practices to follow while driving. Think of it as a video playlist for defensive driving education.

The unique in-car and drone videos are unlike other training course movies. See different driving situations and road hazards from multiple perspectives. Understand how proper driving techniques will help you recognize and avoid road dangers. 

Detailed Animations

DriveSafe Online courses feature animated graphics to emphasize vital information.  Watch and learn how to perform driving procedures to help keep you, your passengers, and others on the road with you safe.

Certificate of Completion

Topic-level review quiz questions help reinforce your understanding of specific rules and regulations. When you complete all course content you are prepared to pass the final test.  

Benefits of our Michigan Online Defensive Driving Course:

  • Insurance discounts to save you money
  • Live chat with customer service
  • Online access available 24/7
  • Life-saving techniques to make you a more confident driver
  • Affordably priced at $24.95

Frequently Asked Questions

New Drivers

Michigan utilizes a graduated licensing system for teen drivers. Teens are eligible to begin the licensing process when they reach 14 years and 8 months. The system includes three levels, and each level requires classroom and supervised driving time. Teens cannot advance to the third level until they reach the age of 17. A detailed description of each level and its requirements can be found on the Michigan Secretary of State’s website.

New drivers over the age of 18 may opt out of the classroom education, but they must pass vision screening, road signs test, and knowledge test, and practice driving with a licensed adult for at least 30 days. They must then pass a driving skills test in order to earn a standard license without restrictions.

Michigan License Renewal

About 45 days before your current license expires, you will receive a renewal notice by mail. You will be able to complete your renewal by mail if you didn’t renew by mail during your last renewal, you have a standard, non-commercial license, you are not on listed on the sex offender registry, and your Social Security number has been verified with the Social Security Administration. Simply follow the instructions included in your renewal notice to renew by mail.

If you renewed your last Michigan driver’s license at a Secretary of State office and you are a U.S. citizen, you are eligible to renew your license online at the ExpressSOS website.

You may also renew your license in person at a Michigan SOS office. You will need to bring your current license, your glasses or contact lenses if you use them for driving, and payment for the renewal fees. The SOS branch locator tool can help you find a branch for your in-person renewal.

Michigan Enhanced Driver’s License and REAL ID

In addition to the standard driver’s license, Michigan also offers an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL).  The EDL requires more documentation than a standard license and allows Michigan residents passage into the U.S. by sea or land from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean nations. When an EDL is used for travel, a passport or other identifying documentation is not required.

A REAL ID is a federally recognized form of identification that will be required as of October 1st, 2021, for travel on domestic flights and to access federal property such as military bases. REAL IDs look like standard Michigan driver’s licenses with the addition of a gold star.

An EDL is REAL-ID compliant. Michigan drivers who have an EDL do not need to modify their license in order to comply with the laws going into effect in 2021.

If you do not have an EDL, you can convert your standard Michigan driver’s license to a REAL ID during your regular renewal period for no additional cost. A fee will be required if you convert a standard license to a REAL ID at any other time. For more information on the documentation required for EDLs and REAL IDs, visit the SOS website.

Getting your Arizona Insurance Discount

Insurance companies in Michigan may offer a defensive driving discount to eligible drivers. The terms and amount of savings may vary from provider to provider. Check with your insurance agent to find out if you are eligible to submit our online defensive driving course certificate for an insurance discount.  



We want to help you improve your driving record! You might be eligible to dismiss a traffic ticket or avoid points being added to your driving record after a violation simply by passing a DriveSafe Online course and meeting court requirements. Laws and regulations regarding the use of online defensive driving courses can vary from court to court.

If you have received a traffic ticket and a Michigan court will allow you to take a defensive driving course, you will have 60 days to complete an approved course. Be sure to ask the court handling your traffic violation if this course meets their requirements. 


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25 Years of Training Experience

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning team trusted by top companies around the world to train millions of people. 

Some of our clients and partners include Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating online courses since 1994. In fact, we helped develop many innovative standards you see in online courses today. 

Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

Our work has earned multiple awards for:

  •   Best content
  •   Best advance in technology
  •   Best innovation

Now our team is focused on revolutionizing online driver education.

DriveSafe Online courses merge unique graphics and animations, interactive scenarios with narrated stories and video demonstrations—including in-car and drone footage—to deliver safe driving information like no other online defensive driving course available today.

Our mission is to develop a better way to help you:

  •   Save money on your auto insurance
  •   Meet court-ordered driver improvement plans
  •   Dismiss traffic tickets or reduce points
  •   Reinforce your driver road knowledge
  •   Become a safer driver

The way we see it, we all share the same streets and highways. If we each take the time to do our part to understand driving laws and regulations, improve our driving performance, and be courteous to other drivers, the roads will be safer for everyone to enjoy. 

Drive smart. Drive confident. And always, DriveSafe.

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