Drip Training & Microlearning Modules

Short. Convenient. Effective.

Do you want your fleet drivers to remember safety information after the training?

Do you want to improve training participation?

Do you want to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should incorporate Drip Training Micro Modules into your fleet driver safety training strategy today.

What is Drip Training? 

Over time, information covered during driver training can begin to fade. This effect is called the forgetting curve. Nearly 75% of what was learned during a training session may be forgotten within one month.

By re-engaging with important course content days, weeks, or months after completing the defensive driving course, learners can retain more information.

The Drip Training method releases additional training opportunities at scheduled times after the initial course completion. This steady stream of information keeps important safety tips and techniques top-of-mind when your drivers are behind the wheel.

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What are Microlearning Modules?

A Micro Module is a short, focused training component developed to meet a specific learning objective. These bite-sized learning modules cover a single topic to help drivers avoid information overload.

Your employees can dedicate their full attention to learn about a particular safety procedure, driving technique, or accident prevention tip.

DriveSafe Online Microlearning Modules include:

  • full-screen video
  • an interactive scenario or animated graphic to support key road safety concepts
  • quiz questions to reinforce retention

How long is a Microlearning Module?

The duration of a DriveSafe Online defensive driving Microlearning Module averages five (5) to seven (7) minutes. Drivers can easily review one or more modules without impacting their regular workday responsibilities.

Who should use MicroLearning Modules?

If your company has a light-duty fleet comprised of work trucks, vans, sedans, and pickup trucks, you should use Micro Modules. Foster a safe driving culture at work to prepare your drivers for road hazards and protect your investment with effective training that lasts.

If your organization includes a Grey Fleet where team members use their own vehicles to conduct business, you should use MicroLearning Modules. Teach drivers how to reduce risk when traveling on city streets, rural roads, and state highways.

A single Micro Module can be used to emphasize a specific driving-related topic. Multiple MicroLearning Modules can be used as targeted training for drivers who need to modify poor driving behavior. The full MicroLearning Module library can be used as continuing education after drivers complete the DriveSafe Online defensive driving course.

How do I use Microlearning Modules for training?

Micro Modules support the full driver safety course. After your drivers complete a DriveSafe Online defensive driving course, Micro Modules are made available to reinforce key concepts they learned in the main course.

You can choose the Drip Training method and release the modules at scheduled intervals. You can target specific modules for individuals who may need additional training to correct poor driving behavior. Or you can make all the Micro Modules available at once to create a just-in-time learning library for your drivers.

It really works! The DriveSafe Online development team has a wealth of experience using the Drip Training method. During the past decade, we’ve worked with our colleague and learning theory expert Dr. Will Thalheimer to promote effective online learning experiences.

You can read about Dr. Thalheimer’s research to better understand how Drip Training (also called spaced learning) is an important and effective training strategy


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Benefits of using Microlearning Modules?

Micro Modules offer a long list of benefits that positively impact coaching strategies, employee engagement, and training program return on investment (ROI).

Here are just a few ways DriveSafe Online Micro Modules can benefit your company and employees:

Greater Employee Participation: The short bursts of content are quick and easy to watch. No need to fight for employees’ extended attention. Engaged employees means greater participation in their training.

Improved Content Retention: Learning should not be a one and done event. Micro Modules let drivers revisit important road safety information to keep key accident prevention tips and techniques top of mind when they need it most.

Target Poor Driving Behavior: Assign Micro Modules to drivers who need to improve specific driving skills.

Mobile Friendly Design: Micro Modules are a perfect option for the mobile workforce. Anytime, anywhere access with easy playback features.

Affordable Training Supplement: Micro Modules allow you to extend the life of your training. Spend less. Learn more.


Currently Available Fleet Driver Training Microlearning Modules

The DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module library is always expanding. The current list includes the following titles:

Harsh Turns

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The risks of harsh turns and impact on vehicle control and cargo stability.
  • Safe turn preparation and execution.
  • Safe turning in poor road conditions, preventing accidents.
  • Vehicle wear and tear from harsh turning to reduce maintenance costs.

Collision Traps

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Collision Traps and Their Causes
  • Defensive Driving Techniques to Avoid Collision Traps
  • Strategies for Managing High-Risk Situations Involving Fleet Vehicles

Harsh Braking

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The concept of harsh braking
  • How harsh braking affects passengers, cargo and your vehicle
  • How to avoid harsh braking

Parking Lot Safety

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Common challenges and hazards faced by fleet vehicle drivers in parking lots
  • The importance of yielding to pedestrians in parking lots
  • Strategies to avoid accidents and promote safety in parking lots

Following Distance

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The importance of maintaining a safe following distance
  • How to determine appropriate following distances
  • How to calculate following distance
  • Unique considerations for larger fleet vehicles

Fuel Efficiency

This Drivesafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Principles of Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques
  • Optimizing Vehicle and Route Factors for Efficiency

Distracted Driving

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The three categories of distracted driving
  1. Cognitive distractions take your mind off the task of driving.
  2. Manual distractions take your hands off the wheel.
  3. Visual distractions take your eyes off the road.
  • Types of distractions
  • How to avoid distractions

Truck and Trailer

This Drivesafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Key safety procedures that need to be followed while operating a truck and trailer
  • Qualifications required to operate a truck and trailer safely
  • Pre-trip inspection tasks
  • Proper techniques for loading and unloading the trailer
  • Best practices for backing up a truck and trailer
  • Importance of knowing the height and weight

Engine Idle Management

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The importance of engine idle management.
  • The monetary, mechanical, and environmental consequences of excessive idling.
  • When it is more efficient to turn off the engine.

Avoiding Fatigued Driving

This Drivesafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The dangers and risks associated with driving while fatigued.
  • The causes of fatigue while driving.
  • Strategies to prevent driving while fatigued.

Avoiding Backing Hazards

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Pre-backing preparations for larger vehicles
  • Situational awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Backing techniques
  • Strategies for tight spaces
  • Technology and backing safety

Weight and Following Distance

This Drivesafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • How weight affects stopping distance
  • Inertia and braking force
  • The importance of following distance

Aggressive Driving

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The definition of aggressive driving
  • Common habits of aggressive drivers
  • How to avoid stressors that can cause aggressive driving
  • Tips for dealing with aggressive drivers
  • Consequences of aggressive driving

Backing Strategies

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Techniques to help you avoid parking lot collisions
  • Costs associated with parking lot collisions
  • Common hazards found in parking lots
  • Best practices for keeping your vehicle safe in a parking lot
  • Tips and procedures for backing up safely

Avoiding Fixed Objects

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Key safety procedures to eliminate collisions with fixed objects
  • Strategies for overcoming visual limitations
  • The importance of managing your vehicle’s physical characteristics
  • Guidelines for leaving a parked position

Impaired Driving

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The impact drugs and alcohol have on driving
  • How drugs and alcohol affect your mind and body
  • Common behaviors of impaired drivers
  • Consequences of DUI
  • Tips for avoiding impaired driving
  • Strategies for avoiding an impaired driver


This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Types of intersections
  • Techniques for traveling through an intersection safely
  • Determining which driver has the right-of-way
  • The importance of following right-of-way laws

Lane Management

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Tips for passing other vehicles safely
  • Using traffic lanes properly to prevent collisions
  • The meaning of different lane markings
  • The importance of maintaining a safe following distance
  • The definition of the “Move Over” law

Speed Management

This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • The importance of managing proper driving speed
  • How speed affects vehicle control
  • The deadly consequences of speeding
  • The distance needed to stop a vehicle
  • Tips for determining a safe driving speed


This DriveSafe Online Microlearning Module explores:

  • Weather-related driving hazards and how they affect road conditions
  • How bad weather can affect drivers and vehicles
  • Techniques for driving in hazardous weather safely
  • Tips for driving in construction zones

Work Zone Safety

This DriveSafe Online Work Zone Safety explores:

  • The potential risks and challenges associated with driving through construction zones and other work areas.
  • Best practices for safe navigation through work zones.
  • The importance of maintaining patience and responsible driving behavior in work zones.

Defensive Driving

This DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Safety Check explores:

  • Anticipating the actions of others
  • The Complete Defensive Driving Approach
  • Implementing necessary maneuvers

25 Years of Training Experience

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning experts who have trained hundreds of thousands of employees at Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating corporate training courses since 1994. Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

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