Great news for Oregon drivers between the ages of 55 and 70. Oregon state law requires a reduction in insurance premium for qualified mature drivers who complete an approved accident prevention course.

Eligible DriveSafe Online users in Oregon can save up to 10% on insurance for up to three years according to their insurance company policy.

The DriveSafe Online #1 Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course is approved by the Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver and Motor Vehicle (DMV) Services Division. From Multnomah and Lane to Clackamas and Marion Counties, all qualified Oregon drivers can learn how to be safer behind the wheel and save some money at the same time.

Course Benefits

The DriveSafe Online course offers a variety of benefits for senior Oregon drivers including:

  • State-required savings on auto insurance
  • Customized Oregon content
  • Certified approval by the Oregon DMV
  • One affordable price with no hidden fees
  • Immediate access to you course completion certificate via email

The DriveSafe Online 6-hour Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course is the shortest driver improvement program allowed by Oregon law. It follows the strict guidelines outlined by the Oregon DMV, so you review only what you need to see. No more and no less.

Course Features

The Oregon #1 Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course is created by our award-winning team with 25+ years of experience developing online courses. That means you’ll see the most engaging, innovative online driver improvement course available. If you plan to commit your time to an online course, you might as well choose one you’ll enjoy.

What’s your previous experience with online courses? Were you forced to read screen after screen of small text? Did the course include tiny videos that made you squint to see what was going on? Did you get frustrated by constantly searching for the right button to press next?

Our Oregon defensive driving course is designed with you in mind.

Full-Screen Video

See high-quality video that fills your entire screen. It’s like watching your favorite TV show. Unique in-car and drone video lets you experience driving scenarios from multiple perspectives to help you better visualize and understand safety tips and techniques.


Moving text, animated images over video, and digital illustrations help tell the stories behind the statistics. Use the interactive opportunities to challenge your decision-making behind the wheel.

Minimal Navigation

Clean. Straightforward. Streamlined. Easy to use.

One button to advance. One button to review. One button to access the menu.

It’s that simple.

Mobile Friendly

The world is mobile, and so is our course. Take our safe driver course on your phone or tablet while sitting on your couch or at your favorite coffee shop. If you’re more comfortable watching on your laptop or desktop computer, no problem. The program looks great on any device.

Get Your Insurance Discount

On average, Oregon drivers pay more than $1,300 each year for car insurance. Complete the DriveSafe Online #1 Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course and you could save nearly $400 over three years. The sooner you start, the sooner you can earn your insurance discount!