Is DriveSafe Online Legit? Yes, Absolutely!

Is DriveSafe Online a Legitimate Defensive Driving Course?

Can a DriveSafe Online defensive driving course really help me earn lower insurance rates? Can it reduce points on my driving record and dismiss traffic tickets? Can it make me a safer driver on the road?

The answers to these questions are yes, yes, and absolutely.

The Power of Hands-On Learning Available Online

DriveSafe courses make learning online easy, engaging, and effective. They are not your father’s PowerPoint programs or text-filled driver manuals.

Our driver improvement programs feature full-screen video content with interactive activities. We don’t just tell you about road rules and safety procedures, we demonstrate them. Behind-the-wheel and drone videos offer multiple viewpoints to help you fully understand driving tips and techniques.

The Online Learning Experts

We know online learning. Our award-wining development team has been creating online training and educational courses for 25 years. Organizations including Hyatt, Cessna, PepsiCo, Oracle, and Harvard Business Publishing trust us to train their employees.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have completed one of our online courses. You can trust us to provide the best online defensive driving experience possible.


Easy to Complete. Receive an Insurance Discount. Money-Back Guarantee!


  • Mobile-friendly viewing

  • Fully narrated video with closed captioning

  • Intelligent bookmarking to start/stop when you want

  • 99% passing rate on user’s first attempt

  • Certificate emailed immediately after completion

Only $24.95



I took this course to get a discount on insurance rates. I took an online course once before, and it was horrible. My insurance company suggested this one and I am glad they did. Great online course with relevant information for all states. Price is great too!


We’re State Approved

Many states have strict guidelines for producing online driver safety courses. Some states allow 1 hour courses, while others require 4, 6, or even 8 hour programs.

Each DriveSafe Online course includes specific content designed to meet state standards. So, you get access to the material you’re required to see. No more and no less.

Standards can differ from state to state, so securing approval from each motor vehicle department authority can be a lengthy and multi-step process. We regularly make new courses available as soon as they earn approval from state authorities.

We Love Satisfied Customers

Our team of researchers, writers, instructional designers, graphic artists, media professionals, and programmers design and develop courses that we want to take. We think you’ll like them, too.

We understand that sitting in front of a computer for multiple hours can be challenging. That’s why we upgraded to a video-first design. It’s like watching a TV show with interactive scenarios and quizzes.

Here are just a few comments from satisfied customers:

“Have used other driving courses and this one beats them all.” – Jimmy

“This was the best course ever!! I have been driving for over 40 years and still was able to learn something I didn’t know. Was able to start and take breaks when needed! Recommended to family and friends!” – Renee

DriveSafe Online is Legitimate

If your insurance company offers a defensive driving discount, DriveSafe Online can help you qualify for a lower premium.

If you need to clean up your driving record and your court allows online completion certificates, DriveSafe Online can help you reduce points and dismiss traffic tickets.

If you want to learn how to anticipate and avoid road dangers, DriveSafe Online can help you become a safer driver.

Learn more about DriveSafe Online and our suite of courses. Take the course for a FREE test drive. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers

Did you know?

DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Courses can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance annually.

Actual Course Screenshots:

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