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Our North Carolina Mature Driver Course Features:

Our North Carolina Mature Driver Course Features:

  • Full-screen, easy-to-watch video with closed captioning
  • Simple, straightforward design with simple navigation
  • Engaging animations to make the content interesting
  • Responsive customer support
  • Online access to courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Smart bookmarking – start and stop without retaking content
  • 99% passing rate of final exam on first attempt

Why Take the DriveSafe Online North Carolina Mature Driver Improvement Course?

Learn lifesaving information in a simple, efficient format. Keep yourself safe, along with your passengers and others on the road. In addition to refreshing your driving skills, our course will help you navigate the challenges of being a mature driver. We’ll cover topics such as distractions, drowsiness, and defensive driving.

You’ll also learn how medication can impact your driving ability and what to do about it. We’ll help you understand how to identify potential issues before they affect your driving capabilities, so you can safely stay in the driver’s seat.

You may also save money on your auto insurance with the DriveSafe Online North Carolina Mature Driver course. Talk to your agent to learn more about your eligibility for an insurance discount.

Enjoy the Most Innovative Approach to Driver Training in North Carolina

Our mature driver course is created with the senior driver in mind. We present vital information in a simple interface with minimal, intuitive navigation components. With our cinematic approach to video and interesting on-screen animations to highlight the most important information, you’ll find that we’re heads and shoulders above the typical traffic school experience.  

Plus, you won’t need to squint to view tiny videos here. We use full-screen video so you can easily see our high-quality in-car and drone footage – a new perspective on road hazards and challenging situations that will stay with you long after you complete the course.


DriveSafe Online’s Mature Driver Improvement Course can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance annually. The savings last for three years once you complete the course.

Can you afford to wait?

Choose the Shortest Course Allowed in North Carolina

We respect your time. That’s why we’ve streamlined our defensive driving course to focus on the most critical information from the guidelines outlined by the state of North Carolina.

And if you need to pause your course, our smart bookmarking will bring you right back to the same place when you’re ready to begin again. You won’t lose your progress or need to repeat any content – just pick up and go!

Our driver improvement programs look great on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. So whether you’re in an office building in Charlotte or on the beaches of Cape Hatteras, our courses are ready for you.

North Carolina Mature Driver Program Benefits:  

  • Refresh your driving skills
  • Learn new traffic safety techniques
  • Access online video content 24/7
  • Get a certificate immediately after completing the course
  • Receive all course content, all practice quizzes, the final exam, and your completion certificate for only $24.95


Under 55?

If you’re under 55, you may still qualify for an insurance discount. Many insurance companies offer safe driver savings for beginner and experienced drivers who complete online driver improvement programs.

DriveSafe Online offers a variety of defensive driving courses to meet every need. Contact your insurance agent to find out if you qualify for an auto insurance discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

North Carolina Insurance Discount

Mature drivers in North Carolina who have completed a driver safety course may be eligible for a discount on auto insurance premiums. The amount of the insurance discount varies by insurer, so contact your insurance agent today to determine your eligibility and see what you could save!

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV)

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, also known as NCDMV, is the official government office that provides North Carolina driver’s licenses. NCDMV locations can be found throughout the state. A list of these locations are available on the NCDMV website.

Appointments are required for all services that need to be completed in person, including license renewal and testing. Visit the Appointments page of the NCDMV website to schedule your appointment.

Renewing Your North Carolina Driver’s License

North Carolina drivers aged 60 and over need to renew their driver’s licenses every five years. A vision test and a road sign recognition test must be successfully completed for renewal. If a road test is required, the mature driver will not need to parallel park.

Residents with an unexpired license may renew online. Those with expired IDs are required to renew in person, although residents with unexpired licenses may also renew at a NCDMV driver license office. Explore the NCDMV website for more information about the renewal process, including answers to frequently asked questions. 

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25 Years of Training Experience

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning team trusted by top companies around the world to train millions of people. 

Some of our clients and partners include Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating online courses since 1994. In fact, we helped develop many innovative standards you see in online courses today. 

Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

Our work has earned multiple awards for:

  •   Best content
  •   Best advance in technology
  •   Best innovation

Now our team is focused on revolutionizing online driver education.

DriveSafe Online courses merge unique graphics and animations, interactive scenarios with narrated stories and video demonstrations—including in-car and drone footage—to deliver safe driving information like no other online defensive driving course available today.

Our mission is to develop a better way to help you:

  •   Save money on your auto insurance
  •   Meet court-ordered driver improvement plans
  •   Dismiss traffic tickets or reduce points
  •   Reinforce your driver road knowledge
  •   Become a safer driver

The way we see it, we all share the same streets and highways. If we each take the time to do our part to understand driving laws and regulations, improve our driving performance, and be courteous to other drivers, the roads will be safer for everyone to enjoy. 

Drive smart. Drive confident. And always, DriveSafe.

Your Road to Savings

Defensive driver education can reduce your insurance premium up to 10%. Are you ready to save money?

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