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Insurance Discount. Accepted by Many GA Courts. Money-Back Guarantee!


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Click “START” to begin the best Georgia online traffic school. Now allowed in select Courts.


Most drivers use the 1-hour version to get their defensive driving discount.


Choose the 6-hour course to meet insurance or Court requirements.

No Hidden Fees

One affordable price gives you access to the entire defensive driving course plus the completion certificate. No hidden fees, not now, not ever!

No Course Timers

Complete the course in the shortest time allowed with no course timers to slow you down.

Mobile Friendly

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. Our courses are 100% online so you can take our driving class when you’re ready.

Money-Back Guarantee

Complete our course for a defensive driving insurance discount. If your insurance company does not accept our certificate for a discount, we will refund your money.  

Our Georgia Defensive Driving Course Features and Benefits:

  • Save hundreds on insurance over three consecutive years
  • May prevent points being added to your driving record
  • Satisfy court requirements with our 6-hour course
  • 100% online and mobile friendly for flexible learning
  • Access to full course content, exam, and completion certificate for only $24.95
  • Easy to pass multiple choice questions eliminates test anxiety
  • Responsive customer support available for assistance
  • Only $24.95 with NO hidden fees

Save Money with an Auto Insurance Discount

We make saving money easy. Just complete and pass a DriveSafe Online driver improvement course and submit your completion certificate to your insurance company. If they offer a defensive driving discount, you could save up to 10% off your annual premium for up to three consecutive years.

That means that drivers in Forsyth County could save over $500 in savings for the price of a couple movie tickets. So, contact your insurance agent today to find out about their defensive driving discount and see what savings you qualify for.

Avoid Driving Points

Did you get a traffic ticket in Forsyth County? In Georgia, these infractions may come with points added to your driving record.

Good news. Several Forsyth County Courts may allow drivers to avoid points by passing a Georgia Defensive Driving course. Permission is often granted on a court-by-court and case-by-case basis. Check with your Forsyth County Court to make sure you are eligible to take a defensive driving course to avoid points. Also ask if they accept the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving course completion certificate.

Did you know?

The average insurance savings for Georgia drivers who take our course is $177.77 per year and $533.31 over three years.

No matter where you travel in Forsyth County, we have you covered.

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Brought to you by the DriveSafe National Road Safety Association – Experts in online driver safety education

The Georgia DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course is administered by the DriveSafe National Road Safety Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity dedicated to increasing driver knowledge and safety by offering courseware, training materials, data findings, and more to members nationwide.

The vision of the DSNRSA is to teach drivers how to identify, avoid, and overcome hazardous driving situations. DSNRSA courses boost driver confidence by promoting safe driving strategies and techniques that will help decrease the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths on our streets and highways.

Common Questions About DriveSafe Online

Why should I take a Defensive Driver online course?

A Defensive Driver course can be beneficial in several ways. Not only will it help refresh your driving skills, but it can also help avoid points from your driving record, which can prevent an increase your insurance premiums.

Plus, you may be ordered by the court to take a defensive driving course following a moving violation. While some courses take place in person, an online course can save you time and money.

Will this course meet my court-ordered requirements?

If you are ordered by the court to take an online defensive driving course, the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course Completion Certificate should satisfy that requirement. However, acceptance is typically on a case-by-case and court-by-court basis. Before registering, ask your Forsyth County Court if a DriveSafe Online certificate will be accepted.

How long is the DriveSafe Defensive Driving Course?

DriveSafe offers two course lengths to meet your needs.

If your goal is to prevent points being added to your driving record or to satisfy a court order, you may need to select the 6-hour course. Forsyth County and Georgia regulations require drivers in these situations to spend 6 hours minimum in a course.

However, if your goal is to earn a money-saving insurance discount, the 1-hour course is our most popular option. Just ask your agent if your insurance provider offers a defensive driving discount.

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25 Years of Training Experience


DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are developed by the same award-winning eLearning team trusted by top companies around the world to train millions of people. 

Some of our clients and partners include Oracle, Hyatt, Cessna, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Georgia-Pacific. We have been creating online courses since 1994. In fact, we helped develop many innovative standards you see in online courses today. 

Simply put, we know what it takes to create online courses that are interesting, fun to take and actually help you learn.

Our work has earned multiple awards for:

  •   Best content
  •   Best advance in technology
  •   Best innovation

Now our team is focused on revolutionizing online driver education.

DriveSafe Online courses merge unique graphics and animations, interactive scenarios with narrated stories and video demonstrations—including in-car and drone footage—to deliver safe driving information like no other online defensive driving course available today.

Our mission is to develop a better way to help you:

  •   Save money on your auto insurance
  •   Meet court-ordered driver improvement plans
  •   Dismiss traffic tickets
  •   Reinforce your driver road knowledge
  •   Become a safer driver

The way we see it, we all share the same streets and highways. If we each take the time to do our part to understand driving laws and regulations, improve our driving performance, and be courteous to other drivers, the roads will be safer for everyone to enjoy. 

Drive smart. Drive confident. And always, DriveSafe.

Your Road to Savings

Defensive driver education can reduce your insurance premium up to 10%. Are you ready to save money?

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