In the US, 89% of adults have a driver’s license. That’s a lot of people and vehicles on the road.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned driver, the road (and other motorists) can make driving unpredictable. Every time you get into your vehicle, you expect a smooth and safe journey. However, bad weather, distracted drivers, poor road conditions, and various other scenarios can interfere with your plans for an uneventful drive.

While you can’t control what happens around you on the road, you can anticipate, identify, and avoid road hazards. The most effective way to overcome driving challenges is to take an online defensive driving course.

While you might think that all online driver improvement courses are the same, it’s time to think again. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can expect when taking an online driver safety course, as well as the features and benefits that make DriveSafe Online defensive driving courses the gold standard for online driver training and education.

Online Defensive Driving Course Expectations

Online defensive driving courses typically cover important driving-related topics including:

  • Recognizing traffic hazards
  • Learning how to spot those under the influence
  • Learning precautions to take and maneuvers to make in case of emergencies
  • Understanding the components of a crash
  • Learning about safety equipment and how to properly use it
  • Understanding state traffic laws

Course Length

Online driver safety classes can take between 1 hour and 8 hours to complete depending on the material covered. While the most popular course is the 1 hour version, some states that approve online driving courses require longer programs that provide extended content coverage.

The length of course may also be determined by a court if you are required to take an online course to satisfy conditions of a traffic violation, or by your insurance provider if you want to get an insurance discount.

Point Reduction

Maintaining a clean driving record can save you money with lower insurance rates. However, don’t panic if you receive a speeding ticket. It can happen to even the best drivers.

The great news is that you may be able to keep points off your record simply by completing a DriveSafe Online defensive driving course and submitting your course completion certificate to the court or DMV authorities. Always check beforehand if an online defensive driving course is accepted. Regulations can vary from state to state and court to court.

Insurance Discount

Insurance providers love safe drivers because they typically avoid accidents and submit fewer accidents claims than riskier drivers, which can save insurance companies money.

Several insurance providers offer defensive driving discounts for drivers who complete a defensive driving course. Savings could reach up to 10% off annual premiums for three consecutive years. That could put hundreds of dollars back in your bank account. Ask your agent if you are eligible for a defensive driving discount.

No In-Person Classes

When you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to attend in-person classes. Not only do you have to spend time on the course itself, but you also have to get to and from these classes. In the end, in-class sessions can be time consuming.

DriveSafe Online courses are 100% online. They’re available 24/7 and can be accessed from your favorite computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can take the course while at home, on break at work, or even at your kids’ soccer practice.

We’re Affordable

In general, online courses will be cheaper than in-person ones. This is because there’s less overhead, which means the savings are passed onto you.

DriveSafe Online courses offer the best content and the most competitive pricing of any online defensive driving course!

Test drive our free course demo to see the great quality you can expect when you register for a DriveSafe Online course. Then read the great reviews we get from satisfied customers.

Use of Technology

The fact that the courses are online should mean that the doors are wide open for the use of technology. But sadly, that’s not the case.

The truth is that many of our competitors have seemingly low prices. But then you realize that the price only includes course content as text. If you want audio and/or video options, you have to pay extra.

You won’t have to worry about that with DriveSafe Online. All of our online courses have full-screen video with narration and closed captioning. In addition, we use drone video for unique perspectives, interesting animations to highlight important information, and interactive exercises to keep you engaged.

You also receive access to practice quizzes and the final exam at no extra charge.

And once you pass the final assessment, your course completion certificate is emailed directly to your inbox. No extra fee or waiting days for the mail to arrive.

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When you take a DriveSafe Online defensive driving course, you can expect to see the best content at an affordable price.

You can also expect to deal with real people to answer your questions. Our customer support is second to none. In fact, our friendly and helpful staff is a big reason why we were named “Best Online Defensive Driving Course” by Investopedia.

Whether you want to take a defensive driving course to satisfy court requirements for a traffic violation, or you want to earn a discount on your car insurance, you can expect the best hassle-free experience with DriveSafe Online.

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