Have you gotten a speeding ticket that you can get dismissed if you complete a defensive driving course? Want to save money on your auto insurance premiums? Or maybe you’re just searching for a great way to improve your driving skills. Regardless of your reason for checking out DriveSafe Online, we’re the best option for you. Our feature-rich courses give you an engaging online learning experience at the best price available. Let’s dig in and take a look at some of our benefits in more detail.

We Have Features You’ll Love

If you think online learning is just reading a bunch of text on a screen, prepare to be wowed. DriveSafe Online courses utilize easy-to-view videos and animations to keep you immersed in the learning experience. Narrators provide audio so you can follow along with the instruction, and our courses provide accessible features such as closed captioning for anyone who needs it.

And if you’re thinking that online traffic school is just a boring recitation of driving rules and regulations, you’re in for a surprise. DriveSafe Online uses drone videos to show you real-world scenarios, so you’ll be able to see first-hand how to respond to various driving situations. This way, you’ll be ready to make life-saving decisions if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

The technology behind our courses is top notch, too. Our videos fill your screen, regardless of whether you’re using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. And it’s easy to switch between devices whenever you need! That’s right, you get the same great experience whether you’re using your home computer or sitting on a beach with your phone or tablet.

Plus, our courses come with easy-to-use functionality, like user-friendly controls and the ability to start and stop at any time. You’ll be able to pick up right where you left off, and you’ll never have to repeat any content after taking a break. Our courses are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It couldn’t be easier!

We Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck

You’re probably thinking that all these features in an online driver improvement course raise the price. Not so! You won’t find a driver improvement course at a lower price than DriveSafe Online offers.

And there’s no nickel-and-diming here either. Everything we offer comes at a single reasonable price. That includes a live chat and helpful customer support in case you have any questions about your course. It also includes a certificate of completion that’s emailed to you immediately after you finish the course.

The best news is that 99% of our customers earn their certificate of completion on their first try. But even if it takes you a little longer, you’ll only pay for the course once.

Still, we think you’ll be impressed with how quickly you’ll finish the DriveSafe Online defensive driving course. We know you’ve got places to go and important things to do, and we don’t want to waste your time. We’ve included only the most important content you need from your state driver’s license manual to give you an efficient experience and get you on your way in no time flat.

And don’t forget that we offer a valuable money-back guarantee. In many cases, you can earn a discount on your auto insurance premium after completing a DriveSafe Online course. If you take our online course for that purpose, but your insurance company doesn’t accept our certificate of completion and give you a lower rate, you’re eligible for a full refund. No risk to you, whatsoever!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

With all the features packed into the DriveSafe Online courses, we’re proud of what we’ve created. We’re confident you’ll get a great value for your defensive driving dollar while improving valuable driving skills. But we’re not the only ones who think that.

We’re proud to share that financial website Investopedia has awarded DriveSafe Online the title of Best Overall Online Defensive Driving Course for 2021. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also earned industry awards for Best Content, Best Advance in Technology, and Best Innovation.

And while it’s exciting to be recognized by industry experts, some of our best feedback comes from you. We have thousands of five-star reviews on consumer review website Trustpilot, with real users commenting that DriveSafe courses are interesting, informative, well-paced, and easy to understand.

Are you our next satisfied customer? We hope so! Registration for DriveSafe Online courses is quick and easy, so start today and get on your way to safer driving.