Most people learn to drive as teenagers and spend the next several decades cruising around with confidence. Whether you’re taking a special someone on a date, driving the kids to the pediatrician, or simply enjoying the freedom of cruising along a back road with the perfect song playing, you often take for granted the ability to stay safe behind the wheel.

But as drivers age, new challenges—both physical and mental—can complicate driving. Slower reaction times, a narrower field of vision, and less capacity to manage distractions are just some of the ways that driving risks increase for mature drivers.

Made for Senior Drivers

Our accident prevention course for mature drivers can help keep you on the road safely. We’ve designed our course to refresh your existing knowledge and build on those skills with tips and techniques that are specific to those with a little more life experience.

But it’s not just the content that’s designed with the mature driver in mind. DriveSafe Online courses use a simple, straightforward navigation that is easy to learn. Our full-screen, cinematic-quality video will help you see everything our course has to offer, whether you’re viewing it on a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, or a cell phone.

And with our interactive scenarios, you’ll be able to think through and plan for risky situations before they actually happen to you. Plus, knowledge checks throughout the course will help you prepare for the final assessment.

Earn a Mature Driver Insurance Discount

While safer driving is the most important advantage of completing our course, there’s another benefit too: completing a defensive driving online course may also save you some cash. Many auto insurers offer discounts following the completion of DriveSafe Online’s mature driver accident prevention course. Check with your agent to understand your eligibility and learn what discount you may qualify for.

So is DriveSafe Online the best accident prevention course for mature drivers? Well, we sure think so. And others agree that our offerings are top-notch.

Best Customer Service Available

In addition to the many five-star reviews we’ve received from customers on, another independent website,, named DriveSafe Online the Best Overall Online Defensive Driving Course for 2021. They were particularly impressed with our customer service, reasonable pricing, and course options.

We think you will be too. In fact, we have a free demo you can try so you can see for yourself what makes us the best accident prevention course for mature drivers.

So if you’re having trouble paying attention to the road, experiencing more close calls than you used to, or noticing any other changes in your driving habits – or if you just want to refresh your knowledge about the rules of the road, consider if a defensive driving course for mature drivers is right for you.

Just choose your course and get on your way to safer driving today!