Dallas County, Texas, is fast-paced with an intricate system of roads and highways. Unfortunately, the rapid pace often leads to a significant problem – speeding. Dallas County consistently ranks among the top issuers of speeding tickets in the state of Texas. In this article, we will look at the consequences of receiving a speeding ticket, and provide an in-depth understanding of how the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving course can help dismiss your ticket and prevent points from tarnishing your driving record.

Driving Fast in Dallas County

Home to over 2.6 million residents, Dallas County has become a vibrant urban center with a thriving population and an intricate web of roadways. This urban bustle often results in drivers exceeding speed limits, posing risks to their safety and that of others. Consequently, Dallas County has earned a reputation as one of the top counties for issuing speeding tickets in the state of Texas.

Law Enforcement Agencies Issuing Speeding Tickets in Dallas County

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office: This agency is responsible for enforcing traffic laws in unincorporated areas of the county, and it is a frequent issuer of speeding citations.

Dallas Police Department (DPD): The DPD is charged with law enforcement duties within the city of Dallas, covering a vast jurisdiction and playing a significant role in curbing speeding.

Municipal Police Departments: Numerous municipalities within Dallas County have their own police departments, each actively enforcing speed limits within their city boundaries.

Consequences of Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Texas

Getting caught speeding in Texas, including Dallas County, carries a range of consequences that can significantly impact your driving record and financial situation:

Fines: Speeding fines vary, contingent on factors such as the speed exceeded and the location of the violation. These fines can range from several hundred dollars to well over a thousand.

Traffic Violation Points: Every speeding ticket adds points to your driving record. Accumulating too many points can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license.

Insurance Premium Increases: Insurers often raise premiums for drivers with speeding tickets on their records. Furthermore, the higher the speed at which the violation occurred, the more pronounced the impact on insurance rates.

Traffic School Requirement: In some cases, the court may mandate drivers to attend traffic school or defensive driving courses as part of their penalty.

License Suspension: Accumulating an excessive number of points or receiving multiple speeding tickets within a short time can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Warrant for Arrest: Neglecting to pay fines or appear in court for a speeding ticket can lead to a warrant for your arrest.

Impact on Employment: Certain professions, including commercial drivers, may face job-related consequences for accruing traffic violations, including speeding.

Taking the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course

Drivers can mitigate the consequences of a speeding ticket in Texas, including Dallas County, by enrolling in the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course. Here’s how it works:

Eligibility: In Texas, if you receive a speeding ticket, you may be eligible to take the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course to prevent points from staining your driving record. It’s crucial to verify your eligibility with your local Court, as criteria can vary by jurisdiction and the specific offense.

Court Approval: Before enrolling in the course, ensure that the Court accepts the DriveSafe Online program for addressing tickets, as some Courts may have specific requirements or restrictions.

Course Enrollment: If deemed eligible, you can enroll in the state-approved DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course.

Completion: Complete the online course within the specified time frame, usually within 90 days of receiving the ticket. It’s essential to request Court permission to take the online defensive driving course promptly after being cited. The ticket will indicate your court date, which is when you must make your decision to take the defensive driving course.

Passing the Exam: Successful completion of the course entails passing a final exam. The DriveSafe Online Texas Defensive Driving Course boasts an impressive 99% passing rate for first-time users.

Certificate of Completion: Once you pass the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. This certificate must be submitted to the Court to have your speeding ticket dismissed.

Ticket Dismissal: Meeting all the court’s requirements and deadlines will ensure that no points are added to your driving record.

Insurance Discounts: In addition to ticket dismissal, some insurance companies offer premium discounts to drivers who voluntarily complete defensive driving courses.

DriveSafe Online Offers More Benefits

Beyond the immediate benefits of a clean record and insurance premium discounts, taking the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course offers a broader spectrum of advantages. It gives drivers valuable knowledge and skills that can enhance road safety for themselves and other commuters. The course covers a range of topics, including:

Safe Driving Practices: Defensive driving techniques are essential for preventing accidents and maintaining control in challenging situations. The course provides insight into maintaining safe following distances, anticipating other drivers’ actions, and handling adverse weather conditions

Texas Traffic Laws: A comprehensive understanding of local traffic laws is crucial for ensuring you remain within the boundaries of the law while driving in Texas. The course covers these laws, helping drivers become more informed and responsible road users.

Accident Prevention: Learning how to avoid accidents and minimize their impact is a key aspect of defensive driving. The course provides strategies for preventing common types of accidents and reacting appropriately in emergencies.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness: Impaired driving is a leading cause of accidents and fatalities. The course highlights the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and provides insights into responsible drinking and substance use.

Distracted Driving: Distractions behind the wheel, such as texting or talking on a cell phone, can lead to accidents. The course educates drivers on the risks associated with distracted driving and how to stay focused on the road.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving: Aggressive driving behavior can escalate road conflicts and jeopardize safety. The course discusses strategies for managing road rage and avoiding confrontations with aggressive drivers.


Speeding remains a pressing issue on the roads of Dallas County, Texas, with high population density and multiple law enforcement agencies actively enforcing traffic laws. The consequences of receiving a speeding ticket in Texas, particularly in Dallas County, are severe, including fines, points on your driving record, increased insurance premiums, and more. However, drivers have the option to enroll in an online defensive driving course, such as the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course, to mitigate these consequences and enhance their driving skills.

To ensure safety and avoid the dangers associated with speeding in Dallas County and throughout Texas, drivers should strictly adhere to posted speed limits, obey traffic laws, and exercise caution on the road. Defensive driving is not only a reactive solution but also a proactive approach to enhance safety and ensure that every journey on Texas highways is as secure as possible. By taking the DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Course, you can not only dismiss your speeding ticket but also contribute to safer roads in Dallas County and beyond.