If you received a traffic ticket in Houston, you may be eligible to request a driver safety course to dismiss your ticket and avoid points on your driving record. However, not all traffic violations are eligible for the driver safety course, and there are specific requirements you must meet to qualify. Here’s what you need to know:

Determine your eligibility:

You may be eligible to take a driver safety course if you have not taken a defensive driving course in the past 12 months, if you were not going more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, and if you have a valid Texas driver’s license and insurance (military exemptions are available).

To check your eligibility, you may call the Houston Help Line at 713-837-0311.


Request permission from the court:

To take a driver safety course, you must first request permission from the court handling your case. You can do this by contacting the court on or before your scheduled court date.

Be sure to complete and submit to the court the Driver Safety Course application. You may download the document HERE. If you are approved, the court will notify you by mail.


Register for an approved course:

Once you have permission from the court, you must register for an approved driver safety course within 90 days of the court order. The course must be approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).


Complete the course:

TDLR requires approved driver safety courses to be at least six hours in duration. For the most effective use of your time, choose a course that includes engaging videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and a completion certificate. You must complete the course within 90 days of registration.


Submit your completion certificate:

Once you complete the course, obtain a course completion certificate to verify that you passed the program, and then submit it to the court. You must also submit a signed and notarized Driver Safety Course Affidavit that states you have completed the course before the deadline. You may download the document HERE.

Keep in mind that in addition to your course completion certificate and affidavit, you must also submit a certified copy of your type 3A Texas driving record.

So, for your checklist, the documents you must submit to the court includes:

  • Driver Safety Course completion certificate
  • Driver Safety Course Affidavit
  • Certified copy of your type 3A Texas driving record


Follow up with the court:

After you submit the documents, follow up with the court to ensure they received the information and that your case has been closed.

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By taking a driver safety course, you may be able to dismiss your ticket, avoid points on your driving record, and potentially even lower your insurance premiums. However, it’s important to follow the court’s instructions and deadlines to ensure the successful completion of the course.