Why Take a Defensive Driving Course Online?

Taking an online defensive driving course may save your or someone else’s life because driving is the most dangerous activity we do every single day.

In addition to saving lives, a defensive driving course can provide a few other valuable benefits, all from the convenience of your home or office:

  1. Save you money on your auto insurance
  2. Dismiss a traffic ticket
  3. Remove points from your driving record

Who should take an defensive driving course?

Drivers Who Want to Save Money:

Many insurance companies offer discounts that can save you up to 10% off your auto insurance premiums every two to three years and, of course, the price for saving lives is invaluable.

Keep in mind that standards and regulations vary by state, and each court may implement its own requirements for dealing with traffic violations. Check with your insurance agent and local authorities to find out if you qualify.

Senior Drivers:

Even experienced drivers can benefit from defensive driving courses that refreshes their driving knowledge. Since driving laws change, and vehicle features and technology update with every new model, it’s important to stay current on everything related to safe driving.

Many drivers aged 55 or older who pass an online defensive driving course may also qualify for an insurance discount.

Fleet Drivers:

If your organization has employees who drive for company business, whether it’s one person or a fleet of drivers, you need a fleet driver safety program that include driver safety courses.

Vehicle crashes cost employers more than $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, increased insurance coverage, and lost productivity. When those figures increase, you can also expect an increase in the cost of worker’s compensation, Social Security, and health and disability insurance.

Many accidents can be avoided if employees are properly trained and held accountable for their actions. A thorough online defensive driving course will educate drivers, reinforce driving knowledge, and promote an ongoing safety message that can decrease the risks of vehicle crashes.

Which driving course should you choose?

Once you decide to take a defensive driving course (also referred to as accident prevention, driver improvement or driver education courses), it’s time to select the one right for you.

Keep in mind that not all courses are created equal:

  • Some courses only display instructional text on screen. If you like reading manuals, this could be an option for you.
  • Some courses require additional payment if you want to add audio or video features.
  • Some courses charge additional fees for a completion certificate, which, of course, is the reward for your time and effort. Insurance agencies, courts and DMVs require a certificate to approve discounts, dismiss traffic violations or meet court-ordered training.

DriveSafe Online® defensive driving courses are popular with drivers of all ages because they are unlike other online courses. DriveSafe’s 1 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour courses include:

  • Mobile-friendly full-screen videos covering real-life traffic situations
  • Narrated animations demonstrating how to perform driving maneuvers
  • Unique drone and in-car footage to give new perspectives on traffic safety
  • Interactive exercises that put learners in realistic decision-making scenarios
  • Comprehensive assessment and certificate of completion to satisfy court, state, DMV and insurance requirements
  • No hidden fees, one very affordable price with a money-back guarantee

With more than 40,000 motor vehicle deaths last year, we must all do a better job following the rules of the road. Safer streets begins when we are willing to improve our driving knowledge, skills and habits.

If DriveSafe Online® sounds like the right defensive driving course for you, click here to select your state to get started.