If you search for an online driving course, you will find many available options. A defensive driving course can be called many different things:

  • Driving safety course
  • Defensive driving school
  • Accident prevention course
  • Driver improvement program
  • Traffic school

It’s important to understand that most of these terms refer to the same thing: a course of study designed to help an already licensed driver improve their driving knowledge and skills.

A DriveSafe Online defensive driving course not only teaches safe driving techniques for controlling your vehicle in emergency situations, but also offers procedures for handling fatigue, emotional stress and road rage, and explains important laws and regulations you need to know to stay safe while driving.

Read on to learn more about online defensive driving courses and find out why thousands of drivers choose DriveSafe Online.

Who Should Take a Defensive Driving Course?

There are many reasons why people decide to take a defensive driving course.  Let’s explore a few prime examples.

Auto Insurance Discount

Saving money is a great motivator. Several states support safe driver incentives that could reduce your insurance premium by as much as 10% annually for three consecutive years for completing a defensive driving course.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent about regulations in your area. Some states allow 1-hour courses, while others require drivers to complete longer courses to qualify for savings. DriveSafe Online offers multiple courses to meet almost any need. No matter the duration, completing a defensive driving course is well worth your time and effort because you could save hundreds of dollars on insurance per year.

Dismiss Tickets/Reduce Points

Do have any tickets for moving violations? If so, completing a defensive driving course could help you dismiss a ticket or remove points from your driving record. Too many points or tickets on your record could cost you money in fines, as well as potential lost wages if your license is suspended.

And if you are unable to drive, you’ll need to spend money on cabs, buses, and any other transportation needs. Completing a defensive driving course is an effective way to keep your driving record clean. Check with your local DMV or court clerk where you received the ticket to learn if a DriveSafe Online course satisfies the specific DMV or court requirements.

Teach Fleet Drivers Critical Techniques to Stay Accident Free

Whether your fleet drivers travel a few blocks or hundreds of miles to meet customer demands, road hazards are always present. The best way to keep your drivers safe and protect your business investment is to train your drivers to anticipate, identify, and avoid potential threats.

When your drivers complete a defensive driving course, they learn safe driving techniques to proactively anticipate and effectively react to a variety of road hazards. They will be prepared to handle careless actions by aggressive drivers, poor visibility and bad road conditions due to dangerous weather, and even dangers triggered by physical and emotional states. FYI…driving when extremely happy can be just as unsafe as driving when distressed.

A defensive driving course for fleet drivers is simply another tool—a very important tool—available to help your employees do their jobs.

Refresh and Improve Road Knowledge and Driving Skills

Maybe you’ve heard these sayings before: “Knowledge is power” or “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” The truth is that every driver must be familiar with traffic laws and regulations.

Unless you are a new driver, it’s probably been years since you reviewed driving laws and procedures. DriveSafe Online courses provide a convenient and inexpensive opportunity to refresh and enhance your driving I.Q. and renew your road safety confidence.

Become a Better Driver

Whether you are an experienced driver or on your way to earning your learner’s permit, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to driving knowledge and techniques. Think how safe the roads would be if every driver completed a DriveSafe Online accident prevention program and followed the safety techniques they learned.

Safer drivers reduce the risk exposure for insurance providers, and less exposure can mean lower insurance rates. Remember, you can’t control what happens around you, but you can prepare yourself to safely overcome hazardous situations you encounter while driving.

How to Choose the Right Driver Improvement Program for You?

Compare Online vs. In Class

The first big differentiator between driver training courses is how they are offered. Traditionally, defensive driving courses were offered in classrooms where you physically traveled to the location of the class. Students would sit for the required duration while an instructor talked about traffic laws and described driving procedures.

Almost all states now allow you to take a defensive driving course online, which means you can start the course from your desktop at home and continue it on your mobile phone while waiting at the DMV, your doctor’s office, or even in line at the grocery store. You can take the course anytime, anywhere when your schedule works best.

Know Your Goals

Before registering for any course, make sure it meets your needs and goals. For example, you may need to take a driver improvement course as a work requirement, or you may have a goal of saving money on your monthly auto insurance premium.

If you are like most drivers, you will take a driving course for one of three reasons:

  • To meet a required driver training task for work
  • To receive a money-saving auto insurance reduction
  • To address a moving violation situation like dismissing a ticket or reducing points on your record

Whatever your reason for taking a defensive driving course, make sure the program you choose is allowed by your insurance provider and accepted by your court for your specific situation.

Understand Media Options

Many online defensive driving courses promote video-based content, but that doesn’t always mean the same thing. Will you see simple animations the size of a postage stamp created during the Clinton administration? Or will you experience state-of-the-art content that utilizes full-screen videos with in-car and drone video to give you multiple perspectives?

DriveSafe Online courses include high-quality video that looks great on any size device.

Course Duration

Why are some courses just 1 hour while others last up to 8 hours? The reason for this variation has a lot to do with state requirements and insurance carrier demands. For example, a certified course in Idaho is required to be 6 hours long, but a course approved by the State of Tennessee is required to last only 4 hours.

As part of your research, it’s important to understand if a course in your state is required to be a specific duration. Also, be sure to check with your local DMV, court authority, or insurance agency representative to make sure the course you choose meets all requirements.

DriveSafe Online offers a variety of courses to meet different state requirements.


Some online courses advertise a low-price, only to overload you with 8 hours or more of reading text on screen. With their courses, if you want an audio option to have the text read aloud, be prepared to pay for it. If you want to see video, expect to pay even more money. You may even choose a free course only to discover later that you have to pay to take the assessment or to receive your completion certificate.

All DriveSafe course features are included for one affordable price. Get access to all video content, all interactive exercises, all practice quizzes, the final exam, PLUS the completion certificate. So, before you buy, read the fine print, take a free demo, and make sure that your online defensive driving course provider is giving you the product you expect and that you need to become a safer driver.

What Benefits Do DriveSafe Online Courses Provide?

No Hidden Fees

Never had them. Never will.

Unless you are a five-year-old screeching at the clown and pony parade strolling through your backyard birthday party, we’re guessing surprises aren’t on the top of your wish list. When you choose DriveSafe Online, what you see is what you get. No surprise fees.

As mentioned earlier, we won’t charge you one price for the course, and then tack on another charge if you want audio, and then add another fee to send you a completion certificate. That’s not how we do business.

Our simple pricing means you get access to the full video course and completion certificate. We want you to have the absolute best experience while taking our course, which is why you get all the bells and whistles for one low price.

No Course Timers

Avoid the digital speed bumps.

You control your own pace through the content. DriveSafe courses are designed to move you through the material like a delivery driver in a highway express lane. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why timers are not included as standard features in our courses. Easy navigation means shorter travel time through the course material for you.

Of course, some states require that you spend a certain number of “seat minutes” participating in an online program to receive credit for completing the course. If you live in a state that has a regulatory seat-time requirement, your pacing will be controlled to make sure you meet the minimum amount of time required by law. No more. No less. But don’t worry, we created high-quality videos to keep you engaged and interested, so your trip through the course will actually be enjoyable.

Think of it like the family vacation trips you took as a kid; stuck in the backseat with your brother Steve. You begin the journey with an irritated pout plastered on your face. But before you know it, you’re smiling with your nose pressed against the car window excited about what you’ll see next. It’s like that.

Mobile Friendly

You’re mobile, and so is our course.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk, relaxing on the couch, or commuting on the train, enjoy the web’s most engaging online defensive driving course on your favorite computer, tablet, or smart phone.

You use a variety of devices to do almost everything these days. You bank online, shop online, and even watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster online. We get it. You like the control to do what you want when you want. That’s why we designed our defensive driving courses to look great on large computer displays or smaller mobile screens.

You also have the option to stop and start as often as needed or move from one device to another. So, if you begin a course on your computer at home, and then want to continue it during your daughter’s karate class, no problem. The course remembers your progress, so you won’t have to repeat content or miss any critical information.

Money-Back Guarantee

There’s absolutely no risk to you.

We like our courses and stand behind our work. And we believe that you’ll like them, too, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee.

If you take one of our courses for a defensive driving insurance discount and are unable to earn a discount from your insurance carrier with our course completion certificate, we will refund your money. Always check with your insurance agent beforehand to learn if defensive driving discounts are available and to make sure you qualify to receive that discount.

Superior Customer Support

Consider DriveSafe Online your traveling partner on the road toward saving money and becoming a safer driver. From start to finish, we’re there for you.

While some of our competitors might tag along with you for a short ride to the corner store, only to bolt from sight and never be heard from again while you’re inside at the slushie machine, we are with you for the duration of your learning journey.

Customers tell us everyday how much they enjoy our courses. Our EXCELLENT Trustpilot rating confirms our commitment to offering a quality course with exceptional customer support.

When you are satisfied and succeed, we are satisfied and succeed. From the moment you begin a DriveSafe course to the time you receive your completion certificate, you can count on our support.