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by | Jan 5, 2021 | Defensive Driving

Connecticut Mature Driver Online Course

If you live in Connecticut and are aged 60 or above, DriveSafe can help you qualify for an auto insurance discount.

Connecticut law (38a sec) requires insurance companies to provide a minimum 5% discount to eligible senior drivers who successfully complete a state-approved accident prevention course.

The DriveSafe Online 4-hour Connecticut Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course is now on the elite list of online programs approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

Lower Your Vehicle Insurance Rate

When you pass the DriveSafe Online course, your completion certificate is emailed to you immediately. No need to wait for any documents to be processed and mailed. You can simply print the certificate and submit it to your insurance agent.

Do you want to get your insurance discount even faster? Choose to have your certificate emailed directly to your insurance agency. The sooner your agent can verify that you passed the course, the sooner you can start saving money with a lower insurance rate.

Keep in mind that Connecticut law requires a minimum insurance savings of 5% for qualified drivers. Your insurance provider might provide even deeper discounts. Contact your agent to find out how much money you could save.

Refresh Your Driving Knowledge

If you’re like many drivers, the last time you took a driver’s education class was around your 16th birthday. While most rules of the road remain the same, Connecticut has updated several traffic laws and regulations.

There are several reasons for taking a driver safety course. The DriveSafe course explains current Connecticut traffic laws as well as the penalties for failing to follow the rules. The program also provides helpful safety tips, techniques, and strategies for avoiding dangerous driving situations and road hazards.

Of course, as we get older, our capabilities change. Our mature driver course explores the effects of aging on driving skills and decision making. The course includes topics especially for senior drivers including:

  • How medications can affect your mind and body
  • How to integrate new vehicle technology into your driving habits
  • What methods are best for minimizing blind spots
  • How to become a safer driver in poor weather

Enjoy User-Friendly Course Features

All online courses are not created equal. If you expect an online driver improvement program to be like reading your vehicle’s operator’s manual, change your expectations.

The DriveSafe development team is re-inventing driver education. When you take one of our online defensive driver programs, you can expect to see:

High-Quality Full-Screen Video

Reading is great…when you’re reading a book by your favorite author. Today’s training is video-focused. We put you in the driver’s seat with in-car video to let you experience first-hand various driving situations.

However, some road scenarios are easier to understand from multiple angles. Which is why we also incorporate drone video to provide a birds’ eye view of traffic settings. Learn safe-driving procedures you can use every time you slide behind the wheel.

Mobile-Friendly Format

Learning doesn’t always have to take place in a classroom. You’re busy with work, errands, and family time. Maybe you’re into cycling, tennis, or even Civil War re-enactments. The point is, you’re on the go, and so is our course.

We created DriveSafe programs to look great on any device. You can start the course on your computer during your lunchbreak and finish it later on your tablet without losing your progress. Complete the course when your schedule permits.

Easy Navigation

Some people love the latest technology. Others get hives just thinking about interacting with software programs. DriveSafe Online courses feature a user-friendly design with limited touchpoints.

Basic controls pause and play videos. A drop-down menu lets you revisit material. And multiple-choice quizzes include a submit button so you don’t accidentally answer before you’re ready. That’s it.

Money-Back Guarantee

The DriveSafe Online Connecticut Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course will help you save money while learning how to become a safer driver. It’s a win-win scenario.

However, if you take our course to get an insurance discount and your insurance provider fails to accept our completion certificate, we will refund your money. There’s absolutely no risk to you to take our course.

See for yourself what other drivers love about our courses.


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Your Road to Savings

Defensive driver education can reduce your insurance premium up to 10%. Are you ready to save money?